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Jogging workouts are among the most popular workouts for people keen to lose weight, gain some strength and generally keep fit and healthy. The popularity of jogging workouts is because they are simple, relatively inexpensive and above all very effective. Jogging is a cardiovascular exercise and is therefore effective for weight loss and for maintaining a healthy heart.

There are several variations possible for jogging workouts. One option is to jog outside on a jogging track or in the park. Another option is to jog indoors in the gym or at home using a treadmill. Both these options have their benefits and disadvantages. One of the benefits of jogging outdoors is the opportunity to breath in clean fresh air, particularly if you do your jogging workouts in the park. Outdoor jogging also presents the opportunity of finding the company of other joggers which may make the jog a tad more interesting.

Jogging indoors on a treadmill has the benefit of a person being able to determine the distance jogged and calories burned. This information is provided by the treadmill machine. Also, by jogging indoors you do not have to miss any jogging workouts because of bad weather and you reduce the chance of injuries you could recieved outdoors.

One can jog first thing in the morning or any other part of the day. It is preferable to carry out your jogging workouts first thing in the morning if you are jogging for weight loss. Jogging in the morning should be done on an empty stomach so that the body is forced to make use of stored fats as an energy source. Not only do jogging workouts give you an extra boost of energy to carry you throughout the day, it is much easier to form a jogging habit if it is done in the morning. Many people are unable to stick to a jogging routine in the evening as they find that they are too tired to jog after a hard day at work.

Before embarking on your jogging workouts, or any workouts for that matter, you should consult your doctor who will determine whether you are in the right physical condition to handle jogging. Once you get the go-ahead from your doctor, you should acquire the right jogging gear which will include jogging shoes and a track suit.

The right jogging shoes are very important as they will protect you from injuries which are a distinct possibility because jogging is a high impact exercise. The right clothes can protect you from the elements if you are jogging outdoors.

The next step is to get on with your jogging workouts. It is absolutely essential to warm up before your jog. You should stretch your calves and hamstrings and all the muscles in your legs. You can warm up by starting with a brisk walk before breaking out into your jog. Warming up is to ensure that muscles are supple so that they do not get injured. After jogging, you should also cool down.

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