Jogging Benefits

Jogging Health Information 2012


Jogging is one of the most underrated of the exercise routines. At face value, many people take it for granted because it does not look anything more than a recreational activity with minimal impact on health and wellness. However, recent studies have shown that this belief is already outdated and that jogging benefits, even at the smallest of scales, can significantly help boost health and fitness. In the succeeding paragraphs, we will look at the many positive advantages of jogging in order to break the mold that it is nothing more than an activity of leisure.

At the outset, it helps to look at a comparative analysis of the calorie burn efficiency of various exercises and how these stack up to jogging. After all, when one talks about weight loss and health, calorie expenditure is always the determining variable to help put things into context.

The average jogger running at a 6-minute per kilometer pace will burn about 750 calories in an hour of workout. In contrast, biking can only lead to a calorie burn of about 400 calories. Swimming is almost as efficient as jogging burning about 600 calories. Most other steady-state workouts burn nothing more than 350 to 500 calories for workouts of the same length. Only high-intensity workouts come close to exceeding the calorie expenditure that recreational joggers experience in an hour of workout.

From here, the many benefits of jogging naturally branch out to support the effectiveness of the activity as a reliable workout option for anyone. Jogging exercise builds cardiovascular resistance which helps strengthens the heart making it more capable of performing at peak condition. Jogging also helps promote proper posture as the body naturally aligns itself to consume energy in the most efficient manner without stressing any bones, joints, and muscles. Moreover, the bones and muscles are also strengthened with every step as the body adapts to the forces encountered during a run. This helps build muscular endurance which is helpful in sculpting a leaner, fitter body.

Jogging is also a great activity towards promoting a healthy, positive mind-set. Studies have shown that running makes the brain excrete dopamine which triggers a sense of positivism and happiness commonly referred to as “runner’s high.” This is important towards helping people dissipate stress and teach them to be more positive about their current situation. Regular runners and joggers tend to have a sunnier disposition than those who are constantly exposed to stressful situations without physical exercise as an outlet for their stress.

Of course, it is false to assume that jogging is a magic pill that can cure one’s ills. However, it is equally fallacious to dismiss its benefits simply because it looks so simple, virtually anyone can do it. But then again, that is really the point of jogging: it can be done anywhere, by almost anyone, requiring nothing but good running shoes and comfortable clothing. It is a cheap sport that offers a lot of rewards in return. For people looking for a physical outlet, that is more than a bargain that is well worth the effort.

Try your hand at jogging today. You never know if you would have already found a long-lost love. As cheesy as that sounds, many do think of jogging exercise as such. Now it’s your time to try and discover what could be a real passion. It never really hurts to try.