Losing Weight By Jogging

Lose Weight Jogging

Jogging Health Information 2012

Losing Weight by Jogging

With weight issues becoming a common problem with many people, losing weight by jogging is an excellent activity one can use to stay in shape and be healthy.

Jogging is a cardiovascular exercise which boosts metabolism and burns calories not to mention it promotes a sense of well-being from the secretion of endorphins following a really good run. If you are really looking for an activity that you can fall in-love-with for fitness and health purposes, losing weight by jogging is definitely a must-try for you.

According to research results, jogging offers the highest calorie burn rate for major activities. The rate of calorie burn for a jogger can exceed a thousand calories per hour depending on the running conditions, the speed, the terrain, and a few other factors. At the very least, one can burn 700 calories from a serious hour of jogging. Compare this with other exercises that burn lesser calories for the same period of work; biking, for example, burns up around 400 calories for an hour of work while swimming approaches the 800-calorie mark depending on the swim rate.

Aside from the obvious advantage in terms of work rate, losing weight by jogging is also one of the more realistic goals when compared with other activities. Jogging only requires good running shoes that can be bought at a relatively affordable price. Biking, on the other hand, requires buying a good road or mountain bike. Swimming requires access to a pool. And gym fees are typically extravagant enough that not everyone can do it.

Through losing weight by jogging, you can do it on a schedule that fits your routine. You can either do it early in the morning or late at night, on the treadmill or in a local park where you can be safe and yet enjoy the run at your preferred speed. This is particularly important because when it comes to weight loss, only the hobbies and activities that you can sustain create the biggest impact when it comes to managing your weight. For this reason, losing weight by jogging is highly regarded as one of the most effective and sustainable means to lose weight by people from all walks of life.

To be effective with losing weight by jogging, health experts recommend running for at least 30 minutes a day and slowly progressing to an hour as your cardiovascular fitness permits. The gradual ramp is important to prevent injuries due to body parts being pushed beyond their limits as well as to prevent the body from developing a resistance to the activities. By continually challenging the body to do more, a higher metabolic rate is developed resulting to more effective weight loss.

A subsequent source of satisfaction for those who are losing weight by jogging is the eventual and almost guaranteed transition in mid and long distance running. Many who start with regular jogging routines eventually end up running marathons and maintaining the weight that they have always dreamed. While this may seem like only a dream today, you can be confident that more than a few people have done it. In that regard, losing weight by jogging offers many levels of physical and psychological satisfaction making it a truly fabulous way to promote health and wellness with just a simple exercise.