Losing Weight Jogging

Lose Weight Jogging

Jogging Health Information 2012

Losing Weight Jogging Can Succeed

You have probably heard about the many people who are losing weight jogging but may wonder if it is really true. That’s understandable given that jogging is a very simple task to which many jogging enthusiasts attach a lot of positive benefits. We hope this short article will give a little insight to answering the question so you can make your own decision.

The truth is jogging indeed has a lot of benefits, particularly when it comes to losing weight. In the succeeding paragraphs, we will examine some facts about losing weight jogging which should help you make more healthy life choices and hopefully help ward off that excess poundage and the long list of medical complications that they carry.

· Perhaps the first and most important benefit of jogging is that it is a very effective activity for burning calories. This is the reason why losing weight jogging is not just hearsay but a proven fact. A normal person jogging for 30 minutes can easily burn 300 calories. Increase the speed and intensity of the workout and it is actually possible to burn 1000-1200 calories on one session alone.

Comparing this to any other workout activity, nothing else comes close to losing weight jogging. Swimming consumes around 800 calories per hour of heavy workout while biking is at a paltry 450 calories. If you want the best use of your time, then losing weight jogging is the best activity for you.

· Jogging is also effective at “getting the blood flowing.” In fact, this is not just a common cliché but it has proven medical benefits too. By keeping the blood flowing, you are teaching your heart to do more work and in the process strengthen the heart muscles and improve your resistance against heart ailments. Likewise, the fast moving blood can actually help clean the arterial walls from deposited cholesterol plaques and not allow new ones to form. This is very helpful in preventing stroke and high blood pressure.

· Beyond the advantage of burning more calories, losing weight jogging also influences a rise in your basal metabolism. When you jog, you teach your body to burn more fuel effectively and efficiently. As a result, you are burning more calories even when you are resting. This is a very importance facet of jogging because it is a long term benefit that translates beyond those 30 minutes to an hour that you spend on your jogging routine.

Losing weight jogging is a known medical fact and many doctors will actually prescribe jogging, over and above other physical activities as a means to losing weight. So if you are looking for a very economic hobby or physical activity to get engaged in, consider jogging. It provides a plethora of health benefits that can help turn your life around.

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