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Tips for Night Jogging

With people paying more attention to their health these days, everyone seems to be having an exercise regime. However due to the busy schedules of most career persons, finding the time to go to the gym during the day is a luxury that they cannot afford. This has led to the popularity of night jogging.

Night jogging has its many advantages. One is that after a long hard day at work it is an excellent way to unwind. Vigorous working out in the evening also enables one to sleep better and thus wake up refreshed the following morning.

However it has its disadvantages. One is that it’s more difficult to keep up a schedule as there are likely to be distraction on some evenings. Sometimes social activities call, other times other duties like picking groceries or attending your child’s function at school may derail you.

NIght jogging is also more dangerous than jogging during the day. One therefore needs to be very careful and there are certain precautions that needs to taken.

Wear reflective clothing. This is a must if you plan to jog at night. It is important to let motorists and other runners or bikers to see you. This will avoid collisions which can lead to injury.

Plan your route well. Avoid very busy roads. Traffic can be a distraction so you may not enjoy your run. Run against the traffic. This will ensure motorists can see you and you can also see oncoming traffic. It is also important to vary your route and timing as well. Night jogging can make you a target of an attack, especially in dark areas. Stay safe by being unpredictable and staying in lighted areas.

Have some form of identification with you. This will keep you safe in case you are mistaken for a thief or wrong doer. Also have a watch with you so that you can time your run. It is easy to get carried away and go further than you planned to. It is also advisable to carry a cell phone to contact your family if anything goes wrong.

Dress warmly. Night temperatures are generally much lower than day temperatures. Look for a jogging suit made of warm fabric that will help maintain your body temperature during your run. This will safeguard you from a chill and other respiratory infections that may arise from the cold air.

If possible get yourself a jogging partner or partners. As said earlier, night jogging makes you a potential target for attack. However if you are with two or three other joggers, you are less prone to have this type of problem. In addition having jogging partners has been found to give most people more commitment to the jog. So enjoy your night run but remember to be cautious.