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Compared to the mind-numbing boredom that is never too far from any treadmill jogging session, road jogging presents a more palatable option that carries its own risks but not so many as to prevent you from making the occasional switch.

True, with a treadmill, you can do all your running workouts in the comfort of your own home or office. You are never far away from the nearest source of refreshing water or any other beverage of your choice, and never subjected to the hazards of traffic and whatever it is that lurks in the darkness of remote alleys. However, to the most dedicated runner nothing can replace the thrill of the road. Read on with an open mind and find out for yourself why embracing road jogging can only help you to become a better runner, not to mention enjoy a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle.

The first weakness of treadmill running, and consequently an advantage for road jogging, is that the treadmill is a very controlled environment that limits your performance and holds you back from improving. The surface is flat, there is no wind in your face, and you're practically jumping in place preventing you from developing the rhythm of lifting your knees high which is a requirement for efficient running. If anything, treadmill running improves your cardiovascular fitness, but road jogging also helps to develop other critical muscles. Road jogging gives you a more complete workout than just getting on the treadmill until you get to your target distance.

Another advantage of road jogging over doing it on a treadmill is your increased exposure to nature. Running in the park allows you to enjoy the fresh air, see people, find inspiration from everyone else doing their workouts, and even take a break from the monotony of technology to just do things the natural way. Road jogging allows you to see the trees, the sunset, enjoy the breeze and commune with nature.

One of the most endearing facets of trail and road jogging is that it gives you enough time to appreciate the environment for what it is. Compared to the undying monotony of treadmill running, road jogging is a sensory overload that can't help but put you on a high, especially during a satisfying workout.

Of course, there are inherent safety risks with road jogging and one must be mindful of these risks. Appropriate measures must be taken to reduce the likelihood of any unforeseen problems.

Foremost in road jogging is the risk of getting hit by fast moving vehicles. To prevent this, refrain from running in dark areas and always wear clothing with the proper reflectorized accessories to increase your profile at night. Commercially marketed jogging clothes are now complete with all sorts of reflectorized highlights so an oncoming vehicle can take notice of you even from a distance. If running on rural roads where traffic is unavoidable, always run on the left side of the road so you see what's heading your way giving you enough time to evade any traffic. In all cases, always avoid running in highspeed highways in urban locations.

Always carry some form of identification in case of emergencies. Sporting apparel companies actually offer customized wrist bands engraved with your personal information as well as contact numbers to a loved one and even pertinent medical information such as allergies or your blood type. This helps to speed up diagnosis and prevent prescription of medicines you have allergies against.

Always take precautions when it comes to road jogging. It's a very fulfilling outdoor activity but only if you take proper measures to keep yourself safe at all times. Be diligent in your running routine so you can be assured of enjoying your jogging workouts for many years to come.

Though this article has been a little negative about treadmills, they do have their place. When you just don't have time to hit the pavement or the weather is to extreme, a treadmill will keep you from missing your workout. However, in this author's opinion the fresh air of the outdoors she be your first choice.

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