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Runners Diet Plan

Running is one of the best fitness sports out there that anyone can engage in. Besides the fact that it is free, running or jogging, whether short distance or long distance running, has a number of worthwhile benefits for you. Most people would engage in running as a way to lose weight and keep fit. While engaging in exercise is essential to losing weight, it is just one step in the process. If you would like to ensure that running helps your reach the weight goals that you are aiming for, then you should think of having a proper runners diet plan.

In many diets, fortified fruits and natural protein shakes are being promoted without giving second thought to whole foods. Why should you choose whole foods over fortified meals? What makes your runners diet plan effective? The answer involves an analysis of how whole foods are beneficial to the body.

When you think of a carrot, there is much more to it rather than just a source of Vitamin A. Researchers agree that the color component as well as the combination of essential nutrients and vitamins within the carrot as well as other fruits and vegetables all work in a synergistic manner to give the body the nutrition it deserves. Fortified foods such as energy bars do not work in this way. While it may seem easy to get all the nutrition requirements for your runners diet plan from protein bars and energy shakes, you can easily get them from whole foods as well. It just requires a bit of planning.

Try eating seeds or foods that are made from seeds. Seeds are known to have a healthy combination of nutrients that are essential to your body's nutrition especially when engaging in any physical activity such as running. Essential fats and minerals are easily absorbed into the body after eating seeds or food made from seeds. Moreover, seeds have antioxidant properties from the phenolic compounds that are found within them.

If you are going to get the most out of your runners diet plan, then you need to start eating fruits and vegetables within their skin intact. Stop peeling apples, tomatoes, etc. Within the skin pigments of these fruits and vegetables are vital phytochemicals which are essential to protecting and boosting your health. The skin from such produce is also known to have various types of fiber which helps improve intestinal function as well as promoting the growth of healthy bacteria within the intestines. Research also shows that persons who eat high fiber diets have a much lower body fat content and smaller waists than persons who incorporate low amounts of fiber into their diet.

When planning your runners diet plan, you may want to consider foods that come from water. Sea food is known to be a great source of protein and essential minerals which are often rare in many runner's diets. Omega 3 fats found in fish also form an essential part of the runners diet plan.

Of course for those who are more into a laid back jogging exercise routine, a runners diet plan can work for you, too.