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In the cool air between dusk to evening, jogging is one of the most fulfilling exercises that one can do. jogging in the heat is typically one of the more challenging routines that one can follow because the heat leads to more water loss which in turn ushers in the onset of fatigue and dehydration. It is for this reason that many people prefer jogging in the early evening in order to avoid the heat and enjoy the jog.

However, because of the dark when jogging in the late evening, there are inherent risks associated with running at night. Here are some safe jogging tips to ensure that you always enjoy your evening runs and dp not get caught up in anything that will put you in serious danger.

The first rule to safe jogging at night is to be visible at all times. You can choose to not run in really dark areas, or where this is unavoidable, wear something that will keep you visible at all times. Modern jogging clothing from known brands such as Adidas, Nike, New Balance, Asics and many others come with strips that are designed to reflect the light coming from oncoming vehicles. The same reflectorized strips are also available in certain shoe models so you are decked in full clothing that will shine in the dark.

For best results, buy a running vest specifically designed as a light reflector so you do not compromise on visibility at any time during your jogging workout. It would also help to wear something light colored such as white, orange or yellow and stay away from black and gray colors.

Make sure to stay way from jogging to near the highway or wherever you are exposed to high-speed cars and other vehicles. If this is not possible, then run on the left side of the road so you see incoming traffic and have enough time to avoid whatever is coming your way. Again, do not compromise on being visible at all times by wearing the right clothing.

Another important reminder is to stay away from dark areas where you can be exposed to all sorts of dangers. You can never be sure about what to expect in dark corners of the city and the best thing is to stick to safe jogging in well-lighted areas where you see exactly where you are going and you know what to expect. This can mean jogging inside well guarded subdivisions or better yet, going to a running track that’s open late at night. Your best bet for safe night jogging is running on a treadmill inside the gym but as long as you stick to the listed safe jogging tips, you should be okay.

Of course, always strive to not run alone. Regardless of the conditions that you are in, running alone is one of the worst things that you can do. Safe jogging requires running with at least one partner so you have somebody you can trust regardless of what happens. Also, try to bring a little amount of cash in a small pouch as well as wearing some sort of identification that could be extremely necessary in case of emergencies. While these may be small safe jogging tips, they can make the difference between a having a perfect jogging workout and being safe or having to go through an unwanted situation.

jogging is an activity that is meant to be enjoyed and should give you health and satisfaction, so take care of yourself by staying away from risky running situations. Instead, always practice safe jogging tips regardless of where you are.

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