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Strictly speaking, jogging is not considered a sport. This is because a sport is defined as a physical activity that not only improves physical fitness but also provides entertainment. Participation in a sport may be organized or casual but is usually governed by rules and regulations. Jogging can be defined as running at a slow pace. Sports jogging however, is the kind of jogging that is is done by athletes in long races. These are races such as marathons and cross country competitions.

Runners in such races have to do sports jogging in order to be able to cover the many kilometers required. If the athletes attempted to run instead of jog, they would not be able to complete the race as they would burn out before they could finish.

Sports jogging requires the jogger to cover a long distance at a slower pace than a run. This requires a great deal of endurance. An example of a sports jogging event is the marathon which will typically involve covering 42 kilometers.

Sports jogging is not only done by participants in long races. Other types of athletes or sportsmen will do sports jogging to build up their endurance in order to perform better at their sport. This type of jogging is also an aerobic activity and is therefore good for weight loss and staying healthy.

Sports jogging is not good for beginners. This is because it is exceedingly strenuous and will cause the beginner’s heart to go beyond the maximum heart rate. When trying to lose weight, you should try to maintain a heart rate of about 60% of the maximum heart rate. When trying to build muscle, maintaining a heart rate of about 90% is optimum. However, going beyond 90% is not good and this is referred to as the red zone. At this point, the body’s requirement for oxygen exceeds the heart’s pumping abilities. This situation can be very serious and life threatening particularly if it results in a heart attack. This is one of the reasons people are advised to consult a physician before starting an exercise regime. The doctor will be able to determine your maximum heart rate which is usually based on the person’s age.

When participating in sports jogging, you should be able to tell when you are exceeding your maximum heart rate. This is when you start feeling a bit light headed. You should slow down and stop the exercise activity until the heart rate becomes more normal. It is important to constantly monitor your heart rate when carrying out any exercise activity.

It is important to note that sports jogging is not only the preserve of athletes. You can opt for it as soon as you have been jogging for a while and are able to endure the rigors of the sport. Just start off slow and over the weeks go for longer distances at faster speeds as your body get in the condition to handle it. However, if you are jogging just for general health and weight loss, there is no need to push it as hard. You will still get the disired effects.