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Stationary Jogging

Stationary jogging may sound like an oxymoron but believe it or not, you have already seen it plenty of times without having recognized it. Stationary jogging is essentially running on a treadmill or jogging in place. It is aptly named because in reality, you haven’t moved an inch from where you started even when the treadmill has registered that you have jogged a few miles, or you have been running in place for an hour. So why is stationary jogging fast becoming an attractive option for exercising?

If you have tried jogging, then you know very well the specific types of challenges that you face while you are on the road. Firstly, road running is heavily dependent on weather and other factors. In the middle of winter, the last thing you want to do is go out and run a few miles on snow-covered roads. The cold weather could cause an illness, not to mention it can be dangerous and worrisome.

Moreover, hectic work schedules often preclude jogging at night. As tempting as that sounds, running in the dark exposes you to a lot of dangers including fast-moving vehicles, lawless elements, stray dogs, and a larger chance of injuries. Also, if you are hard at work during the day, you are most likely dissuaded by the idea of running at night.

Enter stationary jogging or running on a treadmill; this solves a lot of the common concerns associated with running in the ourdoors. First, you can run within the confines of your own home or office so weather does not become a factor. You can even run in-front of the TV while watching your favorite program. You are also free from the dangers which come with jogging at night. When you run on a treadmill or jog in placel, you are safe at home, in well-lit conditions, and free from the perils of fast-moving vehicles. Stationary jogging, in essence, is the perfect antidote to some conditions that may make you decide to do away with your jogging routine.

If you want to kickstart a stationary jogging workout today, you only need to invest in a quality treadmill and a good pair of shoes. If you choose to use a treadmill, start by looking for a machine with the right specifications to meet your needs. A reliable motor that spans a wide range of running speeds is ideal. Adding a flexible inclination setting is also recommended so you can alternate from running on a flat surface to simulating a hill run. You can also benefit from a pre-set array of running programs, a heart rate monitor and calorie counter, and other features that will add value and excitement to your stationary jogging routine. If you a just going to jog in place, which is just another name for stationary jogging, all you need is some good running shoes that fit your gait.

Investing in a good treadmill need not be expensive if you know where to look. Some units are available for lease while second hand treadmills that are still of excellent quality can knock off a few hundred dollars from your purchase. You can also shop online to find the best bargains so you can compare the same products and choose the one with the most favorable selling price.

Stationary jogging is a great alternative to running out-doors, and more so if you are a regular jogger. Depending on the weather and your schedule, you can choose whether to head outdoors or workout in the comfort of your own home.