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Some Good Tips For Jogging

To jog is to run at a slow and steady pace for the purposes of exercising your body. Many people carry out jogging exercise on a regular basis. Jogging cannot be traced back to a specific point in time but is believed to have been present as a means of exercise or to get to a destination faster for centuries. Despite the fact that jogging is accepted worldwide, many people are not aware of exactly how to jog. Here are a few tips for jogging that may be of help.

The need for tips for jogging is brought about by the fact that there are numerous negative side effects if an individual is not jogging correctly or has health problems. Take for instance, an individual with high blood pressure or diabetes should not be encouraged to run for long distances as a more healthy individual would. Before starting a jogging excercise program it is always best to check with your doctor for advice. However, we will look at the general tips for jogging now so they can be taken note of.

Breathing style: When jogging and try to have as much a relaxed posture as possible. You should not strain and if you have lung problems such as asthma, ensure that you try and avoid running to the extent where your breath will be short and fast. Breathe deeply and always try to use your nose and not your mouth when breathing.

Check your legs: While jogging, it is advisable to check the movement of your legs. You should not lift your knees to high and neither should you drag your feet as this will lead to a lot of wasted energy. Instead, be moderate while lifting your legs and ensure that you do not strain your body while lifting your legs.

Check the Position of your shoulders: One of the tips for jogging is to ensure your shoulders are relaxed and at their normal position. If you create tension around your shoulders it will lead to energy loss and you will quickly get tired and make it harder to finish your workout.

Control the movement of your hands: You should try to ensure that your hands are as close to you as practically possible. Throwing your hands around carelessly is another way of wasting precious energy. Thus, you should be certain your hands do not go beyond the middle line of your body as you swing them. Your elbows should be bent at a right angle and your lower arms should perform most of the work. Your fingers should be gently cupped forming a fist to ensure that they do not move during the jogging process.

Tips for jogging on different terrains: While running up a hill, you should use short strides and jog using a slow constant pace. While running on a flat plane, you should use long strides and still ensure that your pace is constant and while jogging down a hill, you should make use of gravity to pull you down for in this way, and you will be conserving your energy. In jogging downhill, use long strides and relax the whole of your body as that is the chance you get to rest during your jogging time.

Consider your doctor’s advice: always be sure you understand the functioning of your body, the reason as to why you are jogging and the advice of your doctor as to when and how you should jog.

If you follow these tips for jogging, your jogging program will not only be beneficial to your body but your mind. A healthier body promotes self worth and self esteem.

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