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The Advantages of Treadmill Machines

The jogging revolution provides the perfect opportunity for people looking to pick up a sport and trade a sedentary lifestyle for an active one. Jogging exercise is simple enough that anyone can do it and if done the right way with the proper intensity and dedication, it is enough to spark a serious hobby that has healthy benefits. This is particularly true in the areas of weight loss and improved cardiovascular fitness. In particular, jogging is such a universal activity that it can even be done indoors with the aid of treadmill machines to help you keep in shape without actually leaving the comfort of your home or office.

Treadmill machines offer distinct advantages that can enhance one’s jogging experience. First, they make jogging accessible to people with tight schedules who do not have time to go out for a run. Whenever it is convenient – whether early in the morning or during lunch breaks – runners can sneak in a 30 minute workout without straining their schedule and still enjoy the benefits that good exercise brings. Health studies show that any intensive physical activity, no matter how short, is more beneficial than skipping workouts altogether, and in this essence treadmill machines offer the best chance to get in a workout despite a hectic calendar or bad weather that prevents jogging outdoors.

Treadmill machines are also a boon to newbie joggers as they help to quantify speed, distance, and caloric burn. Treadmill machines provide information that allows joggers to progressively track their improvement as they grow accustomed to running more often – from short 10 minute jogs of less than a mile to 30 minute runs of 2 miles and onwards. Joggers who are positively reinforced by seeing their treadmill results tend to become more serious about their exercise program and are sometimes the same individuals who eventually go on to run marathons and incorporate running as a permanent part of their daily routine. It is also these same people who manage to keep their weight constant and their cardiovascular fitness high thereby increasing their resistance against conventional lifestyle diseases such as heart attack, atherosclerosis, stroke, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Treadmill machines can provide a simple way of motivating people by showing them they are making progress and their hard work is paying off.

Even for intermediate and experienced runners, treadmill machines also bring decisive advantages. Runners looking to improve their personal records can work on treadmill machines to improve their speed and durability. Speed workouts are best done by varying the treadmill speed between a pre-set high and a pre-set low forcing the runner to match the cadence of the treadmill at a high speed while also giving a short break enough to gain enough strength for the next round of sprint. A typical speed workout consists of running at alternate speeds of 9 miles per hour for 5 minutes and 7.5 miles per hour for 1 minute and repeating the whole cycle for 8 to 12 times as necessary. The treadmill machine’s speed forces the runner to adapt to running at a higher speed allowing him to maintain that speed for longer with enough repetitions. During a normal race, the runner can easily crank up to a higher gear with minimal effort since speed workouts on the treadmill already made him accustomed to running at such a speed.

The benefits of using treadmill machines are so enumerable that they are a constant fixture in gyms, executive offices, and even in homes. They give an individual the option to run anytime they want without the added risk of road and trail running. They are also versatile enough to offer various training modes from long distance jogging to quick speed work. Whether you are a new runner looking to learn the vagaries of running or an experienced marathoner seeking for an added advantage on race day, there are treadmill machines that will serve your purpose. You are more than guaranteed to enjoy a more active lifestyle with a treadmill machine ready to do your bidding at anytime you want.

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