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Treadmill Workout As a Jogging Tool

Jogging exercise is a great way to keep your body healthy and your weight under control. However if there is a foot of snow on the ground or the roads and running paths are iced over, it can really ruin your workout schedule. But don't get stressed. If you are willing to make a small investment in your health, you can get past this obstacle with a good treadmill and a well planned treadmill workout program.

It is a well known fact and has been for many years that jogging is one of the best things we can do to maintain our physical fitness. If an individual will adhere to a regular routine of jogging it will lead to a longer, healthier life. Just three things that jogging outdoors or using an indoors treadmill workout can do for you are: strengthen the heart muscle, help maintain good heart pressure, and improve blood circulation. Of course this doesn't even include all the calories you are burning up to keep you slim and trim, and all those other muscles you are strengthening.

Some say the treadmill has many advantages over jogging outside. Here are three of the reasons.

1 – Convenience – If you don't feel like putting on your jogging clothes and going outside, just turn on treadmill and get started. You can fulfill your exercise goals while listening to your favorite music or watching your favorite sport on the tube. The best part is you can do it in the comfort of your own home.

2 – Year Round Use – Some of us live in an area where the weather is terrible and there is snow and ice on the ground for weeks or months at a time. Or, possibly your favorite jogging path is clear and free of ice or snow, but it is just too cold to go out without taking the chance of catching a cold or worse. When using a treadmill workout there is no need to worry about any of these scenarios.

3 – Safer – There is a lot less chance of taking a fall on a treadmill than running outdoors. There are no rocks or other obstacles to stumble on, and there is no water or ice to cause your feet to slip out from under you.

Of course if you are someone who loves the great outdoors and plenty of sunshine and fresh air, that is great. Do as much jogging as you can outdoors and save your treadmill workout for those really bad weather days. Consider your treadmill as your backup plan.

One good thing about modern day treadmills is their versatility. You can program them to do such a wide range of things as well as adjust their mechanism to fit your particular workout. A good treadmill workout can include, hill climbs, cardiovascular walks, strength builders and more. Better still, the speed you are accustomed to jogging presents no problem at all. You simple adjust the speed intervals to fit your individual capabilities.

Let me be the first to say that because I am suggesting a treadmill workout plan, does not mean I am telling you to give up jogging. This is far from the truth. I am just presenting an alternate way to carry on your jogging exercise program when the weather makes it impossible to do so.

If you do not have an exercise program at this time, it is very important to establish one. It is a proven fact that regular exercise and a healthy diet increases both your mental and physical capabilities. It will also keep your body weight down, strengthens the heart and raise your self esteem.

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