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Watches for Jogging

In the last few years, the increasing popularity of watches for jogging has helped push it from just another accessory to a vital and indispensable tool for the serious jogger. Combined with the development of sophisticated electronics, the watches for jogging today have been transformed into mini-computers capable of doing almost anything that the jogger wishes. In this post, we will list the varying degrees of complexity associated with watches for jogging and consequently give recommendations to joggers of all shapes and sizes.

§ Basic watches for jogging - These watches should at least have a chronograph or a time-keeping function such as a stopwatch or a countdown timer. This allows the jogger to time specific laps. The more sophisticated versions have a feature that saves the lap split times for the jogger so it can be reviewed later on. This is ideal when you run a route with a fixed distance so you don’t need a separate function that tracks how far you have run. The best watches for jogging brands of this variety are Casio and Timex.

§ Personal Trainers - After the basic watches for jogging, the personal trainers are the next leap in sports watch technology. These watches have a feature that allows them to intuitively propose a set of workouts that maximizes the effort that you exert. This means more calorie burn per workout helping you to lose weight faster. The best watch brand of this variety is Suunto.

§ Accelerometers - If you want your watches for jogging to track the distance that you have covered for a specific time, you need to get watches with accelerometers. The common term is a pedometer although there are technical differences that distinguish one from the other. The basic setup is a watch with an independent pod that wirelessly communicates to the watch to track distance. The more recent and sophisticated versions track distance through the watch itself. Get a Timex watch for the best accelerometers in the market.

§ Heart rate monitors. These watches for jogging are equipped with the ability to track your heart rate. It makes for more intelligent and effective workout through a feature known as zone training. Simply put, you train your heart rate to operate within a certain range so you can go longer without tiring. The best watches for jogging with heart rate monitors are those with the Polar brand.

§ GSP watches for jogging. The most sophisticated technology currently available for watches for jogging is GPS. The watch talks to an overhead satellite to track your position, speed, distance ran, and other indicators. Garmin is the worldwide leader in watches for jogging equipped with GPS functionality.

Pick your choice of the best watches for jogging depending on the degree of complexity and the indicators that you want to track. These watches are guaranteed to bring an extra new dimension to your jogging routines promising to boost your performance and improve our fitness overall. With sophisticated watches for jogging, you are guaranteed to run longer, faster, better and more intelligently with data readily available with the touch of a button.