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What is Jogging and What Can it Do for Your?

Many people who are looking to improve on their sedentary lifestyle habits can benefit from taking up jogging as a sport. It is preferred by many who plan to turn-around bad lifestyle choices and start living an active life. This is in part because it is an exercise technique that you can do at your own pace without having to be pressured by competition or meeting a goal.

So what is jogging?

In a nutshell, jogging is actual leisurely running. You will find many joggers around parks and other public places typically on cool spring, summer, and autumn mornings. First let us clearly draw the delineation between jogging and running.

To those in the running community, running refers to competitively participating in a race to win or beat a time. Contrast this to jogging, which does not have any overwhelming objective except to get the juices flowing and improve on one’s fitness and cardiovascular health. This line is very important because to most joggers, running presents itself as the next logical step after you’ve got accustomed to the jogging scene. We’ll delve into that a little more in a bit.

There are many reasons why jogging is an attractive sport or task for many people. First and as already mentioned, you are essentially doing it for yourself. You are not on the road to beat any time or goal nor run against to beat them or be beaten. It’s your own personal moment where you can exercise according to your own physical limits. Most people who do now know the answer to the question - what is jogging - are those who do regular walks, but really, this already qualifies as jogging. At its most basic, jogging will lead you through an evolution, a process of growth that sees you breaking your old physical limits into conquering new ones. It’s not about asking what is jogging; it’s simply going out and having a good time.

As you get used to jogging, you will feel the urge to take it farther. You want to run a little longer, a little faster, and as your fitness improves the feel of muscle or joint pains are replaced with an overwhelming peace knowing that you are doing something healthy and productive. People who get through to this stage will find themselves waking up early in the morning without any external motivation than to just go out and enjoy the jog.

Add to this the fact that jogging allows you to enjoy nature and what it has to offer and it really is the perfect stress-reliever. It’s akin to doing yoga but on the move. You feel the wind in your face, the early rays of the sun on a beautiful Saturday morning, the fresh air filling your lungs, and you see the world rousing it from its sleep as you silently pound the pavement and watch it all grow into a brand new day. You know you’re starting your day right so it gives you extra energy to get more things done as the day progresses.

But perhaps the greatest strength one can find in truly experiencing what is jogging is that it sets you up for bigger goals even if you’re not aware of them yet when you start lacing your shoes in the morning. Many people who regularly run marathons were joggers once and runners now. As you progress through your jogs, build stamina and endurance, feel your heart becoming stronger, your breathing less winded, your legs stronger, your abs firmer, your back straighter, you will find it a natural goal to see if you can go beyond your limits. You can start running short distances in a competitive race setting – from 3k to 5k races until you graduate to 10ks and 21ks. You will see all your previous limits falls to the wayside and you will discover an inner strength you previously never thought you had.

Then, the fitting culmination to all your efforts – your first marathon! It’s not as hard as you think. Start with little steps and you’ll eventually get there. It might seem too grand now but most runners started thinking of exactly the same things you’re thinking right now – “Blah, that’s too ambitious. I can’t do it! I not made for sports. I can’t run. I will not get anywhere.”

The reason why many people get hooked on jogging, then running, is because it’s a process that you can grow into. Nobody will force you to neither run fast nor run far. You will find it in yourself to do it without extra prodding. You won’t even notice it at first but it will happen slowly, surely, until you stand at the finish line of your first marathon looking back to where you’ve come from and it will be rewarding.

What is jogging and jogging exercise? It is an experience, not a task. It is leisurely running, but it also promises so much more than just morning walks and jogs by the park. Try it and see for yourself how you will grow into a stronger, fitter person with determination and discipline molded through running. I tell you, the journey is worth it!

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