Women Joggers

Jogging Benefits

Jogging Health Information 2012

Jogging is a great way to stay fit while enjoying the outdoors and fresh air. There are certain tips women joggers can benefit from to ensure a comfortable workout.

General Tips

1.Warm up: Stretching and other warm up exercises give your body a chance to prepare for the workout and help to minimize injuries from a sudden great exertion.

2.Milestones: Set yourself slow milestones to achieve. If you’ve not jogged in a long time, target half the distance or speed of your last major workout. Then slowly increase the milestones with each session.

3.Strengthening exercises: Weight lifting and other strengthening techniques are important for building up vigor and tone in the muscles that support your jogging program. Take care to use the equipment correctly and select the right weights.

4.Cross training: Alternate your jogging sessions with crossing training for example yoga. The pounding and muscle tightening of running is balanced out by the loosening and restoring techniques of yoga.

5.Walking method: Cat-walking style (one leg crossing over the other) is very abnormal for the human body and puts a strain on the hips and knees. This method should not be followed during jogging or even normal walking. Keep your feet apart and aligned with your shoulders.

6.Rest and relaxation: Although some women joggers believe that daily jogging is the best, it’s important to take rests in between the sessions. Jogging can be addictive due to the endorphins released when running, but this high tends to disguise tiny muscle injuries that can escalate with time.

7.Track surface: Regular sidewalks and roads have greater shock impact to the knees and other body areas. Jog on a proper running track or choose softer surfaces such as grassy areas and dirt paths. Avoid rocky or uneven surfaces as these pose the risk of twisted ankles.

8.Jogging clothes: It’s imperative that you wear proper jogging shoes as they give good support to the foot, reduce the pounding-shock elements of running and protect your feet from knocks and grazes.

9.Running clothes: You don’t have to wear the trendiest sports clothes for a good jog. Comfort is key, plus the clothes should be suitable for the weather conditions. A quality sports bra with good support is highly recommended.

10.Mothers and strollers: More women are now jogging whilst ‘taking care of the baby’. Women joggers can purchase specially designed strollers that are light-weight, sturdy, easy to manipulate and very comfortable for the child.

Jogging as a weight loss regime is highly effective as it burns the extra fat away. However, it is not a quick-fix solution. Persistence and discipline combined with good eating essential for successful outcome.

Women are more predisposed to certain types of body damage. Knee injuries are particularly common among women joggers. Women have higher flexibility than men but also a higher risk of tearing ligaments such as the knees ligaments. One should therefore incorporate strengthening exercises for the legs, lower back and abdominal muscles, which will help support good knee function.