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Womens Running Gear

The demands of running are different between men and women so much so that there is a need to exclusively develop womens running gear to meet the needs of the ladies. Known differences in anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics require running gear to be developed in a slightly different manner such that it can be used to take advantage of these anatomical, physiological and biomechanical differences.

In this post, we will talk about the different womens running gear on the market and how these can help improve a lady jogger’s performance.

• Running and sports bras - Perhaps every discussion of womens running gear has to begin with the running bra. It is the only running gear unique to female runners and is very important in the area of support and performance. The best running bras should support the breast to prevent it from bouncing too much during the run. Bouncing can seriously compromise chest muscles not to mention cause potential damage to sensitive breast tissue. Stay away from bras with wires while running as this can pinch or restrict movement. Instead, go for those that rely on the elasticity of the material to keep the breasts in place without impairing movement overall.

• Running shoes - The female runner’s foot is naturally narrower and smaller than those of the men. This raises concerns in the area of stability. The smaller foot area can cause female runners to wobble with every impact if the wrong shoes are used. Shoes with stability control, a slightly wider front portion and narrowing to the back are ideal. The arch of the foot should also be properly supported to prevent flat-footed landings which can cause injuries if left unchecked. In the discussion of womens running gear, the running shoes should be regarded with the same level of importance as the sports bra and should never be selected based on style alone but more importantly on function.

• Running apparel - There is plenty of running apparel by credible manufacturers that are ideal for lady runners. In this regard, womens running gear should be light, sweat-wicking, made from soft material to prevent chaffing burns, and one that allows ideal ventilation to prevent the body from heating up. You can choose from products made by Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Asics among others if you want to be sure of the quality of the running apparel.

• Sports watch - While there are sports watches designed for unisex use, it is still best to get sports watches designed for women. These watches have a smaller watch face, and slimmer profile to make them fit on the smaller wrist of lady runners. A big watch can hinder movement so picking the one with the right functions and size is essential.

Remember that quality and performance, not price, are the most essential factors when choosing the right womens running gear. Oftentimes, these factors go hand-in-hand but there are plenty of examples where this is not the case. If you are conscious of price, do not make it a reason to compromise performance. Rather, it would be better to save up and buy good items rather than suffer through a bad run because of a bad shoe design or chaffing burns from a cheap shirt. The joy in your running is highly a function of comfort and performance so make sure to pay attention to these elements when buying your womens running gear.